Run For President Or Build The Next Segway?

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While everyone seems to be talking about whether or not General Wesley Clark will run for President, he’s spending much of his time as Chairman of WaveCrest Laboratories trying to build an electric bicycle. Okay, so it might not be the next coming of Dean Kamen, but the company has apparently designed special “adaptive motors” that don’t require gears or transmissions. Right now, they’re working on putting the device on a bicycle, allowing it to travel at 30 mph with almost no pedaling. With Clark at the top, they’re trying to sell the devices to the military, but it sounds, to me, like a much more practical offering than the Segway – and the company will begin shipping a commercial version which goes for $1,500 (significantly less than the Segway). Still, there is a ton of competition from other electric motor bike makers (I’ve heard good things about the Voloci as well). Meanwhile, if the rumors are true, General Clark may be spending a lot more time focusing on a different job over the next year or so.

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