New P2P Fingerprint-And-Block Software Almost Ready

from the one-idea dept

Yet another prong in the music industry’s strategy to stop file sharing is getting closer to launching. A couple of companies have teamed up to create a system that will intercept all internet traffic on any network it’s installed on, copy it, compare it to a fingerprint database – and if it appears to violate a copyright, they’ll stop the data transfer. This sounds like the perfect way to slow down all traffic on a network, if that’s what you’re looking for. Again, this is building barriers that annoy users instead of building value for the customer.

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Comments on “New P2P Fingerprint-And-Block Software Almost Ready”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Encrypt or Interleave

Wow. People might actucally have a reason to start using encryption. Cool.

Although, chaning the byte orders of an MP3s/DivXs before you send it would probably be just as effective against a system like this and could be done in the P2P clients with very little overhead. And chaging byte orders isn’t illegal anywhere – yet.

Another option would be to encrypt the files with a random 32-bit key and NOT share the key. The clients would then have to brute force the key. Fast and easy on most PCs, slow and expensive to do on the network level.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: Encrypt or Interleave

Another option would be to encrypt the files with a random 32-bit key and NOT share the key

Or you could implement a simple 4-bit key and then sue any company that develops software that ‘decrypts’ the key for violating the DMCA. It’s always beautiful when you can use the other guy’s tactics against him.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Useful Technology

> [..] email from married men to unmarried women.

Oh good, e-mail from married men to married women is still alright… you had be scared there for a minute.

Well… it’s like a friend of my once said about relationships: When you move into a new aparement, you don’t move all your shit on to the streat and then start looking for a new aparement.

Anonymous Coward says:

This just won't happen....

ISPs won’t implement this, they know that the major reason for the broadband surge is P2P – jees they even advertise “download music faster”!

How many people a fscked off that their ISP blocks port 80/25, if you block P2P traffic, whilst at the same time slowing other traffic, it would be by, by broadband.

You could just use simply ROT13 (rotate bits) to circumvent this, or build an SSH client/server into the next KazaA Lite K++ 😉

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