Camera-Free Zones Turn Camera Phones Into Plain Old Phones

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With all the talk of banning camera phones in the workplace, the locker room and elsewhere, people have been trying to come up with other less restrictive solutions. We’ve already talked about the idea of forcing camera phones to click loudly – though, you know that people who are doing “bad” things with them will figure out a way around that. Now, however, one company has come up with technology that they say will stop camera phones from working as cameras in certain locations. I’m guessing it’s similar to the technology that forces phones to stop ringing in certain zones as well. Of course, you can just imagine how pissed off some camera phone owners are going to be when they try to take a memorable picture of something and discover it’s a “no camera zone”. People don’t buy camera phones to be told they can only take pictures in some places. This seems like an overreaction to the technology.

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Comments on “Camera-Free Zones Turn Camera Phones Into Plain Old Phones”

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AMetamorphosis (user link) says:

Remember the moments ...

This smacks of the old ” Kodak Picture Taking Spots ” that were ever so artfully placed around Hershey Park to tell idiots where to consume their film.
We would laughingly pose and snap pics poking fun of people so stupid as to need to be told when to use a camera.
Now its reverse.
Guess I really don’t need that camera phone that much … My Motorola T720 will suffice … my tiny digital camera will takes wonderful discrete pictures.

AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Re: Remember the moments ...

Kokak picture taking spots are for dolts that are too stupid to use their mind and eye site to line up a good picture, to compose an interesting background from the available scenery & generally are the type of people that Kodak relies on for a steady sale of film in the day of digital cameras.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Remember the moments ...

do you deny that kodak picture spots are well composed and interesting? i find kodak picture spots to usally be the best places to take pictures. i also take pictures other places. BTW i use a digital camera.

i didn’t realize that i need to use kodak film to use the spot.

Kodak Picture Spots seem to bring up irrational anger in you. Mabye lots of things bring up irrational anger in you.

Ed Halley says:

No Subject Given

I work at a no-camera facility. I can understand the need for limits; there are proprietary and military issues to contend with.

I also am an avid hobbyist photographer. There are an alarmingly large number of public locations where camera limitations make no sense.

Plain street bridges, overpasses, river levees, the New York Subway System, lakes and dams, your own street in many cases. It’s not a crime to take a photograph in public. If you want to predict and divert a disaster, you have to look at the root causes, not the conspicuous 200mm lenses at the local landmarks.

Two years ago today, George W. Bush said, “Freedom is under attack.” Some are being locked up without due process. Some are being catalogued or denied simple daily activities. The scale of the problem is different, but our free society isn’t free today. We can’t even live up to our own democratic principles; how can we then champion other countries to develop a legitimate rule of law and basic personal freedoms?

Zach (user link) says:


And then the idealist –

There shouldn’t be cameras on phones anyway. You talk on a phone to talk. Screw these new technologies that are putting more and more into the palms of our hands. It makes us lazy self-centered people. Would it kill us to just carry a camera around with us? Recently, I was at an industry awards show and was not allowed to bring my camera inside for privacy reasons…and meanwhile, every schmuck with a cameraphone was able to enter and snap away.

Am I jealous? Hell yeah I am. But do I want that technology? Hell no I don’t. I don’t even own a cellphone. Call me when I’m at home. Pretend it’s the 1960s.

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