Yahoo Wants Users To Pay For IM Interop

from the sounds-positively-bad dept

Yahoo is apparently considering the idea of offering interoperability with other instant messaging platforms – but only if you’re willing to pay. Of course, they (and every other IM provider) should have been offering IM interoperability years ago – but seemed to disregard the idea that the network effect would be a good thing. Now they want to charge people for a feature they should have added years ago? Doesn’t seem worth it. They’re adding an artificial barrier for no particular reason other than they hope to squeeze a few extra pennies out of users, rather than realize the overall benefits of letting more people communicate with each other. It’s more “walled garden” thinking on an internet that is increasingly recognizing the value of open communication. It may net them a few pennies in the short run, but it just opens up a wider opportunity for others in the long term.

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