Take Your Amnesty And Shove It

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Now that the RIAA’s “amnesty” program is official, it will be amusing to hear from someone who actually agrees to this ridiculous plan of “admitting guilt” to a non-governmental agency who will then store all your personal information and use it to check up on you at regular intervals. Salon went around and asked for opinions from a variety of people who all seemed to think it fairly comical that anyone would bother to sign up for the amnesty program. The responses seem to fall along the usual lines: (1) “amnesty” from the RIAA means little as they’re not a government agency and you can still be sued by someone else (and may even alert others by admitting your “guilt”) (2) they consider the file sharing that they do “fair use” and don’t see why they should admit to doing something they believe is entirely legal. Update: UserFriendly has an amusing “draft” version of the RIAA amnesty form.

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Comments on “Take Your Amnesty And Shove It”

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Ed Halley says:

No Subject Given

The honest truth is that a vanishingly small percentage of the “trader” population (1) reads anything in the news, (2) understands basic copyright doctrine, nevermind the nuances, (3) gives a flying whup about any of it.

If they have any awareness at all, it’s most likely a schoolyard or coffeeshop groupthink counter-culture position that RIAA suxx. No critical understanding or balance but a lot of dogma.

Songs. Songs. Joey has more. That one was cool. More songs. Click again. Gotta feed the obsession.

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