Automatic Over-The-Air Backup Of Wireless Data

One of the features I like about the Danger Hiptop, is the fact that it does automatic, over-the-air backups of any change I make. Add a contact, it’s backed up immediately. This was very nice when the device completely died and needed to be revived. It just took a little while for it to be back up to full speed as if nothing had happened. Now, a company is looking to offer a similar service for mobile phones. It seems very useful to me – especially since it happens automatically. Most people don’t want to be bothered with backing up their data – even if it just means setting it up once. Just ask how many people back up their own computers? Of course, there are privacy issues – and I know some people have complained about the Hiptop, since they said they never agreed to have all their data stored on a server. The simple answer, of course, is to just make sure the backup plan is explained clearly, and lets the end-user opt-out (while make sure they realize the downsides to doing so).

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