Software Used To Find Fictional Castle

from the worthwhile-research dept

Not the most practical bit of research, I imagine, but some geographers who had access to some software that is used to determine the best place to locate a supermarket, fed it information from a series of famous P.G. Wodehouse novels (where the butler “Jeeves” character came from), and had it pinpoint where the fictional Blandings Castle was. I’m a bit confused. It was fiction. He made it up from a series of places he knew – meaning that no place is the actual castle. Of course, now that it’s been “discovered”, the current owner of the “stately home” is thinking about building a theme park to profit… er… celebrate the location.

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Comments on “Software Used To Find Fictional Castle”

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LittleW0lf says:

Re: Polar coordinates

If complex numbers of the form a + bi can be used to describe real vs. fictional locations, will Santa Clause get shot down by the CIA over the North Pole?

Considering that both (CIA and Santa Claus) are ficticious, I cannot see why not.

However, the Air Force is usually the one who shoots things down, unless at sea, then it is the Navy. But both the Air Force and the Navy are real, so in order to shoot down Santa Claus, they will need to take the square root of a negative one and multiply it by the exact location in order to get its imaginary complement coordinates in order to aim the missiles correctly.

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