Why Should A Mobile Phone Record Button Be Illegal?

from the substantial-legal-uses dept

Once again, I think people are looking to blame the technology, rather than actions allowed by that technology. As NTT DoCoMo is looking to introduct mobile phones that include a “record this call” feature, some are worried that such phones may break the law. Of course, it’s not the phones that break the law – it’s people using them illegally. Besides, it appears that there are plenty of completely legal reasons why people might want such a phone. It would make it easier for reporters to record interviews, for example. Yet, instead of focusing on the positive benefits, everyone gets worried about the illegal uses – and wondering if the technology itself should be outlawed.

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Comments on “Why Should A Mobile Phone Record Button Be Illegal?”

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Beck says:

Answering Machines

For years answering machines have had the ability to record phone calls with the press of a button.

It would be great to be able to record a phone call on a cell phone and then email the recording to my home email for later reference.

The same technology could be used to record memos to myself. There are already stand-alone devices that do this. Why not build it into a phone? Then I could record a memo and send it to my email.

Ed Halley says:

No Subject Given

What if the button spoke to both parties upon being pressed? If it simply said “Recording…” when you pushed the button, you would be in compliance with most of the USA’s various one-party and all-party limits on recorded conversations.

It reduces the effectiveness of the vanishingly small number of situations where you surreptitiously record a confession of a crime, but most of those recordings can’t be used in court for the same legal limits on recorded conversations.

George Orwell says:

Right to Know ...

My phone currently has this feature. I’ve not had an opportunity or desire to use the feature although I do use voice dialing and the voice notes feature. I believe I read somewhere in my manuel that when I turn on the record feature it causes a beeping in the background every few seconds similar to the ones that are used on phone calls made here in my office. If I read it correctly, both parties are able to hear the beeping in the background.
I really do not have a problem with being recorded.
I REALLY DO have a problem with being recorded WITHOUT my knowledge.

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