Cleaning A Toilet Is Better Than Spam

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Not at all surprising, but spam brings out such anger in people that most people say they’d rather spend their time cleaning a toilet than dealing with spam. The study also found that a third of respondents wanted harsh penalties for spammers, and about 20% supported the snail mail denial of service plan – where a spammer should get deluged with regular junk mail for being a spammer. Of course, another 25% of folks said that spamming is just a job and spammers shouldn’t be penalized. It’s these people who need to be educated. I imagine it’s also those same people who are the ones who actually buy from spammers. Anyway, this is all based on an online survey, which means it could all just be one person clicking repeatedly – so I wouldn’t rely too much on the results. Still, it gives you an idea of just how much most people hate spam.

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