Parents Banning The Internet From Naughty Kids

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Just like banning television and the telephone in the past were ways for parents to punish their kids for acting improperly, parents are increasingly banning internet access from their kids – and finding that it works wonders. Some parents completely ban the computer (one even tells her kids to use the encyclopedia – the book kind – if they need to look up something for their homework). Just another sign of how important the internet has become to kids. Of course, people never considered the telephone and the television to be a “vital tool” of education for kids – so how long until we hear about a kid suing his or her parents for cutting off “vital” internet access, harming their academic (and future career) goals?

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Comments on “Parents Banning The Internet From Naughty Kids”

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aNonMooseCowherd says:

No Subject Given

In the future, everyone will have wireless network devices implanted in their heads at birth, and there won’t be any way to disconnect someone from the internet except by jamming the signal. The advertisers will love this because they’ll be able to beam advertising directly to your brain and you won’t have any way to install a spam filter.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

My brother checked the cache of his 11 year old son’s computer.
7 instances of cookies and website addresses of Pr0n resulted in 7 months of lost internet access.
I told the little bugger, just go slip the Playboy’s out from under your older brother’s bed if you want to look at that stuff because your Dad works in the computer industry and no matter how sly you think you are, you are always going to get busted.
Once he realized he has lost game time, emailing privileges as well as now having to haul his butt to the library ( gasp ) in order to research homework assignments, I think he has learned his lesson.

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