Lawyers Weakly Accuse RIAA Of Illegal Tactics

from the grasping-at-straws dept

In the continuing saga of the one woman who is fighting back against the RIAA’s attempt to subpoena her private info from her ISP for file sharing, her lawyers have fired back accusing the RIAA of all sorts of illegal activity including illegal search and seizure. While I’m (clearly!) no fan of the RIAA’s tactics, the constant switching of legal strategies by the lawyers in this case appears to be a desperation play from lawyers who don’t seem to fully grasp what they’re arguing. I think it’s good that people are fighting back against the RIAA’s efforts – but it would be more encouraging if they were doing a more competent job. Instead, they look like they’re doing exactly what the industry is accusing them of doing – trying to come up with any legal strategy to defend someone who was breaking the law.

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