To Satisfy Patent Demands Every Browser Must Change

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More fallout from Microsoft losing their patent case against Eolas. Because of this, every browser is going to have to change, meaning that many things that currently work on the web, won’t work after the changes are made. Microsoft is already adjusting their technology, and the W3C has started to look into what changes all browsers will need to make to avoid stepping on this patent. So, basically, right now we have a system that works, and because of a patent that wasn’t used for anything other than to threaten a patent infringement lawsuit, every single browser needs to change, breaking stuff along the way. That’s encouraging innovation? Also, how, exactly is the idea of embedding programs within the browser something that is non-obvious? It seems like software applications have been embedding other programs for years before this patent was ever filed.

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Comments on “To Satisfy Patent Demands Every Browser Must Change”

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Patrick says:

All browsers

All web browsers are affected because the patent is for “…technology that allows users to access interactive programs embedded in Web pages.”

How utterly ridiculous. Too bad the mosaic people didn’t just patent the web browser itself, and we wouldn’t be dealing with any of this idiocy. However, as per a previous post, there could be some good that comes from this–I’m sick and tired of flash, et al.

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