Video Game Major Showing Up At More Colleges

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It used to be any time we spoke about getting a degree in videogames, we were talking about DigiPen, the university entirely focused on degrees in creating video games. However, an increasing number of universities are offering majors that focus on video game creation, though, they sometimes hide them under names like “interactive media” or “digital arts.” In some cases, that’s changing, but many professors still have a problem with offering a specific focus in games – while others argue that it’s a perfectly legitimate major. They figure that, as more video game playing people become professors, the stigma will start to go away. It should also be helped by an increase in academic research on the topic.

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Comments on “Video Game Major Showing Up At More Colleges”

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Munich says:

Hiring Could be a Factor

Whether video gaming stays a viable major I think will depend on companies that hire programmers.

Video game companies AND other software companies hire computer science majors. That degree is portable to a number of areas in the software field and I know people with this major working at everywhere from Amazon to Oracle (or have worked at both).

If only video game companies hire this major, it could limit one’s career to the ebb and flow of this particular segment, although a lot of 20 year olds don’t think of this when choosing their major.

Zackery says:

I think that this is great I am a freshman currently in highschool, and for my career path I have chosen to do what I have wanted to do forever, my passion, which is to become a video game creator or tester . Again I qoute that I think that this ooportunity that colleges are starting to give is oing to help me alot when I finally get out of HIghschool !

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