Should We Have Cyber Bounty Hunters?

from the track-'em-down dept

With the increasing cyber security questions along with viruses and worms, it’s pretty clear that folks like the FBI can’t keep up with online crime. So, here’s a suggestion to start offering cash rewards for tracking down cyber-criminals. Clearly there are some problems with the idea, but will online bounty hunters be the method for tracking down online criminals in the future? You certainly get more manpower – who might have more tricks than the authorities. However, it also opens up people to do abusive things in the name of “tracking down cyber criminals”. Sounds similar to Larry Lessig’s idea of having bounties on spammers.

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Comments on “Should We Have Cyber Bounty Hunters?”

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Bounty Hunter says:

Shhhs ... I'm hunting 'wabbits ...

Ths reminds me of the fairly recent case where a Bounty hunter was held in Mexico because Mecican laws to do protect Bounty hunters the way American laws do …
I believe this ” idea ” although intriquing may have legal problems associated with it when other countries ( where the virus may have orgionated from ) don’t recognise or fail to choose to follow our method of using Bounty hunters …
Any thoughts on this ?

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