More Students Using The Internet To Cheat – Blame Corporate Scandals, Lying Pols

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A new study on college student cheating shows that more and more students are cutting and pasting information directly from the internet into their assignments and turning it in as their own work. The study suggests that there’s more cheating going on all over the place – with plenty of it technology based. The researchers don’t think it’s the fault of the technology, though – and say that if the technology weren’t there, the kids would figure out a different way to cheat instead. To further underscore the fact that it’s not ease of use – most students admitted that part of their rationale for cheating was the repeated examples of corporate scandals and lying politicians, leading them to believe that lying and cheating are a part of everyday life. To make matters worse, the next generation of business workers don’t look to be any more ethical. The highest rate of cheating was found among business students (the lowest was among science majors). Apparently, ethics still isn’t a required class.

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Comments on “More Students Using The Internet To Cheat – Blame Corporate Scandals, Lying Pols”

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Shameful copier says:

Re: How to get away with it ...

I like your idea except for one small thing …
When I was in school, we would regularly copy others work and just switch the sentances around … replace a few words and ‘voila … suddenly it wasn’t the ” exact ” same document.
Note: I’m not suggesting this or proud of doing it, but it allowed us to fool the relatively idiot teachers we had.

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