Nokia Looking For Cheap Game Ideas For N-Gage

Has their ever been a mobile phone as hyped as Nokia’s N-Gage? With the multiple launches (one every other month, it seems) and continual press and promotions about it, you’d think they’d have an idea about what kinds of games they’d want on it already. However, they’re now launching a contest for people to give Nokia game ideas for the N-Gage. One lucky winner will get 30,000 euros (and a few others will get smaller prizes). In other words, for just a little bit of money, they get tons of ideas for future N-Gage games. Nearly free R&D! What a deal… Of course, they might find a lot more interesting games available (and a lot more people willing to buy the device) if they just opened up the platform and let people create their own games for the device that anyone could download, but that would mean Nokia has less control – and companies today seem scared to death of losing control, even when it might make their products more enticing to consumers.

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