Is Tech Keeping Families Connected Or Holding Back The Normal Growing Up Process?

A point-counterpoint debate over at USA Today is looking at the issue of our increasingly connected lives. It used to be that when a kid went off to college they “cut the chord” with their parents somewhat and started to learn how to live on their own. The process might have been tough for one or both sides, but in the end it all worked out. Now, with communications technology so pervasive, some are saying the ease of continued communication over long distances is helpful. It keeps families in touch and makes difficult transitions much less traumatic. On the other side comes the argument that this constant digital umbilical cord hinders a kid’s ability to grow up and to learn to take responsibility for his or her own actions. The reality is probably somewhere in the middle. In some ways it’s great for keeping families in touch, and in some ways it becomes a crutch. In both cases, people should learn the limits of these technologies, and the importance of disconnecting, as well as staying in regular contact.

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