Blocker RFID Tags Solve The RFID Privacy Problem

from the solutions-to-the-privacy-problem? dept

Someone who prefers to remain anonymous sent in a link to a story about how RSA is working on special RFID “blocker” tags. Just like regular RFID tags, except that they broadcast every possible RFID number, making it impossible to figure out what specific RFID tags are available. Now, despite the counter-productive spamming from a misguided anti-RFID type around here yesterday, there are certainly issues that should be discussed surrounding RFID and privacy issues. However, instead of just complaining about it, it’s good to see companies working on technology solutions to the problem. The article isn’t entirely clear, but it appears the system works by letting the owner of the blocker RFID tag easily select which RFID tags around them can be read at any particular point. This way, you get the benefit of using RFID tags without having to worry about how they’re being used outside of their intended purposes. Also, if I understand this idea correctly, any individual would just need a single “blocker” RFID tag, and could then control every other RFID tag. This is smart. Earlier solutions to the RFID privacy problem were proposals for new reprogrammable RFID tags that would let users turn them off. However, that would be expensive and there’s no guarantee that all manufacturers would use those RFID tags, as opposed to the cheaper, non-reprogrammable ones. This solution avoids all of that with a fairly simple, inexpensive solution.

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Comments on “Blocker RFID Tags Solve The RFID Privacy Problem”

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Anonymous Killjoy says:

Re: Re: Re: Correct me if I'm wrong but...

Thought this was a great idea too, but if a single RFID jammer creates a total zone of RFID unreadability within even a limited range, this could really kill a lot of useful applications before they get off the ground.

Case in point – a suite in an RFID-enabled hospital with prescriptions, key equipment and even surgical dressings tagged for integration, tracking, and/or conditional alerts rendered useless by someone with an RFID Jammer on his keychain visiting a patient.

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