Looking At Email Bouncebacks

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Back when I wrote my story about all the bounceback messages I received when someone spoofed my email address in a spam – I sent the story around to a few newspapers and magazines to see if anyone was interested in publishing it. I was told, repeatedly, that there was nothing interesting in the story, and that there were already too many “spam” stories out there. My favorite response – from a well known editor – was that since there was no way to prevent something like that from happening, he saw no reason to publish a story about the problem. Well, it appears that when it’s the reporters and editors of major publications themselves receiving all the bouncebacks, then it becomes a worthwhile story. With the SoBig virus attacking mainly those who have very public email addresses, an MSNBC reporter has written up his own analysis of all the bouncebacks he’s been receiving. He takes more time to analyze the different types of failed delivery messages, as well as looking at how some appear to take the “blame” themselves, while others try to pin the blame on him. An amusing read.

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