Want To Live On The Moon?

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It’s been quite some time since anyone has landed on the moon. For some reason, other space interests have taken over. However, that may be changing. Folks at the European Space Agency apparently believe that a moon colony is possible within 20 years, and that the only thing really standing in the way is politics.

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Comments on “Want To Live On The Moon?”

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dorpus says:

What if

From the article:

“They could include India and China, two nations which have recently pledged to send astronauts back to the Moon.”

Will India and Pakistan make conflicting claims on lunar territory? Will they launch nuclear missiles at the moon to sort out their disputes? How many Turkish guest workers will be allowed to work there?

Anonymous Coward (user link) says:

Re: What if

None of the above. We’ll just outsource programing jobs over to the moon once China and India establish themselves there. Make’s the whole process even cheaper. Of course, this is complete competition with the Russian plans to establish a nuclear power plant over in Mars. At this rate we’ll probably have an outsouce facility in Pluto in the next 50yrs.

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