More Companies Working On Upgrading WiFi

It seems that there are plenty of companies looking to take WiFi, and add some sort of proprietary stuff to it to make it faster/wider/better. Following the announcement of Airgo from earlier this week, Unstrung is talking about a stealth company named Motia who appear to be working on a similar technology. DailyWireless tracked down more details on Motia, and also compared them to Engim, who is working on a different sort of enhancement. While it’s good that companies are working on improving the technology, they all seem to be taking the risk to innovate first, and hope the standards catch up to them. That’s an all or nothing risk. If you win, it’s probably (though not definitely) a good deal. If you lose, you lose big. I’m all for innovating – but when you’re dealing with a technology that needs widespread adoption to be successful, there’s something to be said for going through the standards process.

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