Would You Complain That Your Competitors Charge Too Much?

from the sneaky-sneaky dept

Not quite sure what to make of this, but a small DSL provider in the UK is complaining to the government telecom regulation agency Oftel that their competitors are charging too much and that Oftel should regulate them. At first this seemed odd. If you are charging noticeably less than your competitors, why would you try to get the government to force your competitors to become more competitive? Of course, the reason is obvious: because Oftel is going to laugh off such a silly request, but reporters will gobble it up and the cheap broadband provider will get free publicity focusing on the fact that they’re cheaper than their competitors.

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Comments on “Would You Complain That Your Competitors Charge Too Much?”

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1 Comment
Munich says:

Good Theory...

But on the other hand, we ARE talking about Europe, where regulations on when stores open and close are common, discounting is actually outlawed in some countries and capitalism is, shall we say, a bit neutered by the benign regulators who are looking out for all the little people.

Britain IS a bit closer to the U.S., however, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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