Newspapers Need To Do A Better Job With Online Corrections

from the misusing-the-medium dept

Among the things the internet is good for, two of the biggest are interactivity and rapid adjustments. If that’s true, why are most newspapers so bad at giving out contact info and making corrections. The answer, of course, is that they’re still in the paper mindset, rather than the web mindset. It sounds obvious that they should open up more, and be more quick to correct things in obvious ways (especially in light of things like the Jayson Blair scandal at the NY Times), but many in the press still don’t like to admit that they make mistakes and hate the idea that “the public” might correct them.

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Comments on “Newspapers Need To Do A Better Job With Online Corrections”

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1 Comment
Munich says:

Old News

Instapundit (and most of the other politico/news blogs) covered this a while back. Ofcourse they were bragging that THEY – the blogger community/new media/put self-congratulatory phrase here – had IMMEDIATE corrections they put in both the original article as well as in a comment section.

This is a small, but important facet, of how media is changing. The other is the explosion of news sources to meet any individual point of view, which brings us to the other issue, the dropping of the whole “impartial” farse that the news industry has been BSing the public on for the past 50 years (if the media were impartial, the NYC and WSJ would be identical).

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