Spammer Reconsiders Career Choice

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A New Zealand-based penis pill spammer who was profiled in an article we posted last week complaining about how tough it is to be a spammer, but saying that he had no problems with bugging people, apparently didn’t realize what sort of effect “going public” would have. In the last few days he’s been bombarded with phone calls, signed up for mailing lists, had his servers shut down, and is having complaints filed against him with the New Zealand Commerce Commission, the Ministry of Health and the Privacy Commissioner. So, just days after being a proud spammer saying that if people didn’t want spam they should just get off the internet, he’s decided now might be a good time to stop spamming. Of course, who knows if he’s being honest. Spammers aren’t known for being particularly honest. Though, you would think that spammers would learn by this point not to go public, since this happens to every one of them that dares lift their head above water.

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Comments on “Spammer Reconsiders Career Choice”

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LittleW0lf says:

Penis Enlargement Ads cut by 1/3

You know, the number of ads I normally receive about penis enlargement has dropped nearly 1/3 over the last couple days. We might not like their tactics, but the anti-spam folks do have a tendency of cutting down the amount of spam out there.

Now if only they can take out the Mortgage company SPAM too.

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