Why Does The Music Industry Get To Protect Obsolete Business Models?

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A nice commentary piece coming from Australia where someone has realized that digital technologies have radically changed a number of industries, completing undermining old business models, and those industries have overhauled and adapted, while the music industry whines that it’s being killed by “pirates”. The writer points out that the internet and the commoditization of hardware has forced technology companies to change their business models to ones focused on services instead of goods. While it may not have been easy, it was necessary. Yet, instead of realizing that the market has changed, the music industry sits still and tries to sue everyone for changing with the market. It’s as if the music industry thinks it deserves some sort of special protection for its obsolete business model. As he writes: “So businesses adapt. Business models are modified. Processes are updated. New products and services are created to meet changing customer requirements. Or they go out of business.” He suggests that until the music industry realizes that the market has shifted, we’re going to keep hearing about the “decline” of the music industry for quite some time.

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Comments on “Why Does The Music Industry Get To Protect Obsolete Business Models?”

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anonemoose says:

Re: No Subject Given

your analogy fails because you can only steal that computer from the gateway store once. the same person can download the same mp3 a 100 times. does this mean he has “stolen” 100 times the value of that mp3. the answer is no. the internet presents the possibility of new business models. if the music industry does not want to live in the 21st century, then it will face the consequences, whether they have bought off congress or not. it will just take longer if they have.

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