Pity The Poor Spammer

from the give-me-a-break dept

Oh those poor spammers. It’s enough to make you run out and cry to hear about the troubles one poor penis-pill sending spammer has in keeping his business going. He complains that it’s tough business being a spammer, having to deal with denial-of-service attacks, and constantly having to change servers. Meanwhile, he has no problem with sending out (via his numbers – which you probably shouldn’t trust) 100 million spams a day – and says he doesn’t care if kids are getting his spam messages. He says that spam is just a part of the internet, and “if you don’t want to receive spam, don’t connect to the internet.” Isn’t that nice? Well, if he didn’t want to get constant denial of service attacks and unending hatred from just about everyone online, perhaps he shouldn’t be spamming people.

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Comments on “Pity The Poor Spammer”

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Anonymous Coward says:

The garbage cycle

During most of the 20th century, there was a very serious problem with littering, in which people feared that by the year 2000, we would be buried under a sea of garbage. Indeed, near every town there once were mountains of untreated garbage, spawning vast clouds of seagulls, volcanoes of methane fireballs shooting out of the ground, and random outbreaks of cholera. Downtown pavements were once buried under flyers, paper cups, and banana peels, while forests once grew various species of rusty cars and refrigerators. People once burned trash in their back yard, while kids once carved their initials on trees the way they carve designs on their skin today.

Today, after decades of anti-littering activism, we see very little of the above. I have a feeling our virtual world will undergo a similar transformation, away from the galaxies of spam and stale web links.

aNonMooseCowherd says:

pity the poor scum

This is like saying: Pity the poor dope dealers, just trying to eke out a living while constantly barraged with bad publicity, threatened by the authorities, harassed by neighbors, and so on. Their excuse is that they’re not forcing anyone to buy the stuff, and if all the pressure doesn’t ease, their kids are gonna end up in the poorhouse.

LittleW0lf says:


“if you don’t want to receive spam, don’t connect to the internet.”

That’s funny, because all along I thought that suffering denial of service attacks and having to switch servers regularly was part of being connected to the internet too.

I think Mike and I can both attest to this one. I cannot count the number of times I’ve been “sold” off by one ISP to another, and Mike is proof that there are just some folks in the world unlucky enough that them joining a broadband provider is a death warrant for that provider.

I hear the sound of a microscopic violin playing, and I am afraid it is small enough I might actually step on it. Oops, too late.

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