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Richer Surfers Feel Less Secure Online

from the knowing-the-risks dept

A new study shows that people are a bit worried about computer security issues. This isn’t a surprise because every other day you’re likely to see another story about yet another security vulnerability that is likely to destroy your computer and ruin your life (or so the press would have you believe). The study also found that people feel their office computers are more secure, which makes sense – because people assume that, in the office, they have an IT staff that is taking care of security issues for them. At home, most people don’t do much, and just hope nothing bad happens to them. Finally, the study found that “the most wealthy and educated internet users” were the most worried. I’m guessing it’s the “most educated” part that’s causing that. It suggests they probably are regularly reading the news and seeing all the scary talk about viruses and worms threatening to jump right out of their cable modems and devour them whole.

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Comments on “Richer Surfers Feel Less Secure Online”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Reminds me of a answer to a stupid question...

…”[…] because that’s where the money is”


Quote was gleaned from the wizdom of a bank robber (I forget who, but someone particularly netorious) by a sociology/psychology student who asked the robber, in jail at the time, why he robbed banks (as opposed to some other type of business) in the hope of establishing some type of underlying psychological motivation that drew the robber to banks… it’s typically used to dismiss “fishing” questions/statements (“Tell me about your mother.”) as the absurd nonces they are.

…which reminds me of a statistic: 90% of all surveys are unnecessary if you spend more than 10 miniutes researching/thinkging about the problem.

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