E911: Give The FCC A Big Enough Lever…

The FCC has been fighting to get E911 (locating a 911 caller) services deployed in the US, and has faced resistance from carriers, technological hiccups, and local governments who abuse 911 funds. Recently, they have found allies in Government like Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer who are whipping the local governments into shape, but today the FCC decided to use a bigger lever: The FCC is starting to educate the public on what E911 is, how it will work, and how to push for it in their local area. My interpretation of this move is that the FCC is deliberately doing this earlier than necessary so that the public will get angry at the abuses of funding, and any heel-dragging by carriers, and force faster implementations. Some carriers actually applauded the move, probably because they have pretty much given up on the unsuccessful heel-dragging.

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