Dalai Lama: Pitchman For Enterprise Software

from the the-Dalia-Lama-has-plenty-of-sales-to-make dept

Apple used images of the Dalai Lama (and plenty of other famous folks) in their “Think Different” campaign, and now Salesforce.com is going one step further by using the famous Tibetan monk as a spokesperson – though, he doesn’t even know about. Seems like a stretch. The company, which has always donated money towards Tibetan causes donated a bunch of money to the Tibetan government, who gave them the right to use the Dalai Lama’s image in their ads. While it’s unlikely the Dalai Lama is an active user of Salesforce.com’s automation tools, he apparently doesn’t have a problem with suggesting the path to enlightenment involves paying the San Francisco company a regular monthly fee to access their online software.

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Comments on “Dalai Lama: Pitchman For Enterprise Software”

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Anonymous Coward says:


What if Tibetans got the independence they wanted? Then they will become a place like Nepal or Bhutan, reactionary Taliban-like countries where women have no rights, religion controls the government. Keep in mind that Tibet is next to Afghanistan. I bet Apple will then deny they ever had anything to do with the Dalai Lama.

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