Computer Owners Are Too Scared To Log On

from the gotta-get-over-the-fear dept

A new study in Australia has found that many people are afraid of their own computers. Nearly 60% get stressed out when asked to do something on a computer that they’re unfamiliar with. Then, there’s the 15% who are so scared of their own computers that they avoid them altogether (making you wonder why they bought them in the first place). The numbers seem a little far fetched to me, and this is the type of thing that goes away as people get used to their computers, and learn not to fear them.

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Comments on “Computer Owners Are Too Scared To Log On”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Women were afraid of cars for decades

In many countries in the world today (Russia, Muslim countries, some Asian countries), driving is still considered a “manly” activity, therefore women driving is considered strange. I have heard from a Southern woman that in parts of the rural South, people still think that men should do the driving. A recurring theme in the 20th century was getting women to not be afraid of machines, e.g. typewriters, vacuum cleaners, food processors, etc.

PCs these days are coming in more effeminate varieties like the Mac. Actually, I wouldn’t mind having a gaming machine built out of crudely welded steel with oversized bolts, that sputters lots of smoke. 😉

kenvie says:

fear of pc

This is my first PC and ap about the wide world
thats on it.. But I am having a go, I make mistakes but learn as I use it, Haaaaaa thats how I feel sometime when things do not go quite right. But I do not give up on It. So there must be others like me at this. [BLOODY thing]
But I like it it gets me out and about when its raining . love it realy by the way I AM sixty nine.

Sean Philipps (user link) says:

Products that will help these particular people

In relation to the article I recently read regarding the study in Australia, cdromarchives offers the solution for these people that are just too afraid to operate their computers. Three products can help: “Computers made Easy” ; “Windows made Easy” and ” Internet made Easy”! Is there something we can do to get this message out to these people? Can you do a great write up on this, should I send you an article? Please advise.

Kind Regards

Ken (user link) says:

Afraid of computers

I am not afraid of the bloody thing it is justthat dose not do what i think it should do but then I am just a beginer I am seventy And thoght I must get with this tec but so far its twisted me brain but I am not giveing up and people like you will not force me to, I wish you all the best But let me get on with it, And one day I will be as clever as you, And by this I mean no disrespect.

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