Telemarketers Start Sneaking Around Do Not Call List

from the read-the-fine-print dept

As expected, now that telemarketers realize the “Do Not Call” list is really going into effect, they’re starting to get sneaky about figuring out ways around the list. The most obvious loophole is that companies are allowed to call anyone they have a “prior business relationship” with. So, as you can imagine, lots of companies are trying to establish relationships. Even sneakier, is a new online “sweepstakes”. They’re trying to get people to enter to win $25,000 or a car – a small price for marketers to pay, once you read the fine print that says, by entering, you give up your right to be protected by the “Do Not Call” list from all of the marketing companies associated with the sweepstakes. Expect many many more similar contests to start showing up. Based on the success similar tactics have had in getting email addresses and other personal info, I imagine there will be no shortage of people who last week signed up not to be called – and this week relinquished those rights for the tiny chance at some cash.

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Comments on “Telemarketers Start Sneaking Around Do Not Call List”

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Pissed Off says:

Do Not Call

I think it’s gonna get worse than that. In the past, I’ve gotten calls from someone calling themselves “Direct Reservations”. The calls are always taped (so you can’t tell them to put you on the DoNotCall list). I put my name on the DMA do not call list several months ago, which of course they have ignored.
They called yesterday, and their taped message was a bit different. It began by saying they were calling me “because of an online entry form that either I, a family member, or a friend filled out.”
I never fill out online entry forms for anything. I have filled out a few account registration forms, none of which share information. Even if these people did share information, there is no way Direct Reservations could claim I have a business relationship with them, simply because they bought a mailing list which had my name on it.
It seems they are going to use this as an excuse without even going through the “contest” scam.
The number for Direct Reservatioins is 800/903-8048, if anyone wants to hack the shit out of it.

Michael (user link) says:

Re: Re: Do Not Call

I used to work for a long distance company that was prone to “slamming”. One of the tactics to get customers was to use a car drawing. They gave away a Mustang or the cash value… Anyway, I’ve no sympathy for someone who doesn’t read a form that they are signing, but sadly the “field reps” who were paid to collect these forms quickly figured out that it was just easier to crack a phone book and forge them. I imagine you’ll see this same issue with the DNC list. The bastards…

Dawn U says:

Re: Do Not Call

I called the 800 number you listed….thank you! I informed these clowns that I wanted off of their list and that I was recording this call in case they violated this demand….the woman (Lisa) who answered FREAKED…she cut me off screeching “that’s illegal!” (the nerve of me to defend the phone line I pay for!). So I called back, and began to tell her that what was illegal was the way they invaded my privacy, she hung up on me again, this time screeching that I could not record her without her permission, and again hung up……so I called again….this time a man, who would not identify himself, picked up, I said I did not appreciate being hung up on and once again made my demand to be removed from the list….he said it would be removed and hung up on me.
I now have a new mission in life. I am going to call this number at least once an hour. I am going to purchase an air horn, specifically for the purpose of calling these jerks.
Thanks for their number!

Rob G. says:

Re: Re: Do Not Call

Next time just say “This call may be recorded for quality assurance.” I don’t see how she can complain about that!

Last week they called, I “pressed 9” when they called to let them know that they’re also violating FTC regulations which now require them to transmit caller ID info, and I asked to be removed. When they called again today, I again informed the rep that they were violating FTC regs, he transferred me to someone who hung up on me.

Hacked them says:

Re: Re: Re: Do Not Call

Thanks all. I just spent the last hour hacking the pricks. They called me with the 905 fax number as stated above. Found this site, and called them back on the 800#.

When they called they asked me if I was married and I said yes, then they asked me to put my wife on the phone. When I said she was at work some rude fuck said call back later, then hung up the phone on me.

This pissed the hell out of me, so I did a Jerky Boys on them for about 1 hour. Its a big waste of my time, but the pay back for wasting my time time is to waste there time.

I think that I will have Frank Rizzo and Saul Rosenberg call them later tonight too.

I suggest calling them if they wasted your time, and waste there’s too.

The first time I called the stupid fuck on the phone asked me if I am taking Paxil and that I should be careful of the new suicide warnings…..


Frank Rizzo

jenjen says:

Re: "The Reservations Center" & "Central Reservations"

This is a scammy organization. After being hung up on afew times, I pretended to go along with them to see what they were up to. The number showed up on my cell: (905)248-3149, and the guy I talked to gave me his full name after I’d kept him on the line for 10 mins: JOHN KEAYS. The number he gave me matches yours: (800)903-8048.

The previous time when I tried to complain, they actually patched me through to some upset and distraught old lady who was yelling “I don’t want it! I don’t want it!”. I guess they patch their irrate customers together just for a laugh.

John Keays explained that they have no website and could give me nothing in writing about their timeshare tour offer (spend 90mins on a timeshare tour, pay $235 and get tons of “free stuff”) “because the offers change so quickly”. They said my security was that they taped my credit card booking and sent it to my bank… mmmm. (Sounds like some other scams I’ve heard about) They asked if I earned over $50k, I said no, and he kept asking me, suggesting I change my answer, and telling me to lie on the timeshare tour “because they don’t check”. I asked how I could trust them – they said – (get this) “we use names like ‘DisneyLand’ – you can’t do that if your doing a scam – if people go around abusing the name ‘disneyland’ the penalties are severe”.

Perhaps someone could let Disneyland know that!

They also said they worked with the following legit companies:
the Las Vegas “Tuscany Resort Casino”
the Annaheim “Holiday Inn”, “Radisson” & “La Quinta”
the Sedona Arizona “Holiday Inn”
Perhaps these companies might want to explain their relationship with these people.

Greta says:

Re: Re: 905-248-3149

Thanks to Google for helping me find this site…

I also had 905-248-3149 show up on my caller ID, and luckily through this message thread found their 800 number to reach these people, and begged to have my number removed from the list.

They called me three times in one day last week. I don’t even bother listening to the message anymore – I just hit 8 to remove the number. Today I tried pressing 9 to speak with a person, and was left listening to music on hold for 6 minutes and 15 seconds before I had to go out so I hung up.

I tried calling the 905 number back directly, but a fax kept answering.

Thanks to this thread, I got their 800 number. I was hung up on the first 2 times I called and asked for a manager. The third time, I asked the woman who answered why she just hung up on me when I asked for a manager – she insisted it wasn’t her. I didn’t really care if it was her or it wasn’t – at least she realized that if she did hang up on me I wouldn’t go away so she put me through to somebody who claimed to be a “manager.

She explained to me that they have such a fantastic vacation offer going that they are getting overloaded with phone calls.

I told her I was willing to pass on such an incredible offer and told her to remove my number. Unfortunately, in doing this, I have to give her the number (makes sense of course 🙂 and now I just hope that doesn’t somehow get into their twisted minds that we now have a “business relationship”.

They are located in Canada (my Caller ID actually says Ontario) so they aren’t bound by any of the Do Not Call lists of the United States. She said they’ve been working since January to try to work the US list into their system, but haven’t had any luck yet. But they are interested in getting the list incorporated because they don’t want to be calling people who don’t want to be called.

I allowed as how I’m one of them not interested in being called.

We’ll see how many more times they call.

Gwen Foss (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: 905-248-3149

I’ve also been getting robot calls from this number. After hanging up on it, igoring it, and pressing 8 “to be removed from our list,” each several times, I decided to try to get to a live person. Here’s a brief version of the saga.
On March 17, 2004, I was given a company name and address from “Dennis.” I called the 800 number of this company and asked for the supervisor in charge of telemarketing. I was told that “Derek” is in charge of telemarketing but he’s out. The rep then transferred me to another depeartment and I heard a phone ringing. I got a machine that said this was Denise Cramer who handles Avon. I had apparently been transfered to a bogus machine or maybe to the home of an innocent party. But without pressing any buttons or leaving a message but my call was automatically forwarded to another residence, where a sleepy-sounding man answered the phone. When I asked if this was Central Reservations he hung up.
March 19, 2004. I received a robot call from “Central Reservations” with an offer of a vacation to Orlando or Cancun for $99. I pressed 9 “to speak to an operator” and waited. Got a live rep. I asked her if she could tell me the company name and address, she said “no, I don?t think so,” and promtly hung up on me. Obviously these reps are told not to give out any info on who they are.
March 22, 2004. I received yet another automated call for a vacation. This one was not “Central Reservations,” because it said “press 1” to get live person, which I did. The rep revealed that she was with Marktel, a telemarketing company that works for Global Travel (a vacation club), and that they bought my name from a list company or possibly from an entry box in an IHOP or other restaurant, or that my number might be from someone else’s old entry. (!) She also said she is in Texas, and that I could get a vacation to Cancun, Mexico or Freeport, Grand Bahamas. I asked to be removed from their calling list and she said it was done.
March 23, 2004. I got another robot call, this time from “Tina at the Reservation Center,” offering me the same old $99 vacation to Orlando blah blah blah. I pressed 9 to get to a live operator, noting that the recording also offered the option of pressing 8 to be “removed from our list,” so I knew this was the place! I pressed 9.
I got a live rep who gave me no name. She first asked if I was over 25, yes, then asked if I had a major credit card or debit card, yes. She then said the trip cost $235, which was $99 each for two, plus an extra fee for some nonsense, totalling $235. She then claimed this was an $1800 value. I was certain that if I asked what company they were I would get hung up on, so I tried to stall, but the rep wanted to “go through it with me” before she gave me any information about who they were, which sounded suspiciously like they would not tell me who they were before they got my cc info.
I explained as calmly as possible that I was just trying to find out who they were, because their recording said I can press 8 to be removed from their list, and I was about to say I had done that several times already, but she hung up on me. I immediately dialed *69, expecting to be told it was a blocked number, but got 905-248-3149. (!)
I googled the above phone number and found only this page, so thanks to Techdirt for your help!
March 23, 2004. I dialed *67 to mask my ID, then called 800-903-8048, which is apparently an 800 number for “Central Reservations.” The phone was answered by “David.” I asked for the supervisor in charge of telemarketing and was put on hold. “John” came to the phone. He said he was with “Central Reservations” in Toronto. I explained how many times I’ve “been removed from their list” after pressing 8. I also said I would love to threaten him with a federal fine for calling me over and over again, but since he’s in Canada he probably knows he’s safe from that. He agreed to remove me from their list if I would give him my phone number. I then gave him my phone number and he again said I would be removed. I then said I had him on tape saying this, which wasn’t in fact true, I just wanted to hear how he would react. He seemed indignant and said he did not consent to be taped, but I said it was legal in Michigan for me to tape him. At that point he hung up on me.
If I get another call from this lowlife outfit I will send a letter to whichever legal offices file these complaints.

Anthony says:

Re: Re: Re:2 905-248-3149

Hey this is a great website. I also encountered the “Reservations Center” but, fortunate for me the calls have come in when I am not home and I have been getting the recorded messages on my answering machine. I also decided to call the (905) number and discovered it to be a fax number. I just wished that I had used google to search the number first. I now have $2.46 on my phone bill because of it. And now I know I am not alone in being the victim of this scam. Thanks to all.

Succelerator says:

Re: Re: Re:3 905-248-3149

OK, for about $125, I have an in-line device that will record every time I pick up the phone. I can manually pause it or turn it off any time I want. I understand there are now computer programs you can buy that will digitize them so you can edit the content, but those cost considerably more.
Anyway, once I get one side of a tape, full of their abuse and my asking them to not call me anymore, I will send them a bill for my time, for which I generally charge $400 per hour, plus a modest processing fee for having to bill them. Of course they won’t pay it, but then I can send it to the court and get a judgement to put in their credit file.
I know that I make it sound a lot more simple than it really is, but let’s face it: They don’t care how many hundred of us they annoy to get a few dozen to pay them the $99 or $235, because that is the nature of their business. Once we start trying to get that hard earned money from them, or at least making them spend it to defend themself, they will get the message very quickly, and start passing on a real “Do not call” list — i.e. if you call this number, you will have to respond in court.
If enough of us do that… well, unfortunately, what we really need to do is to take away the telephones and credit cards of all the fools who sign up for and pay for their “free” vacations. But some of us who really annoy them will get left alone. Just like SPAM e-mail, they send the messages to thousands, because so many dozens of suckers respond, and so few of us get worked up enough to actually even report them to the FTC, FCC, or any other agency that is too overworked and understaffed to really do anything about it.

Arlene says:

Re: Re: Re:3 905-248-3149

Yep!, And they’re still going strong as of Sept.29th 2005. Funny thing is, I also was a victim last year. (On the same date, Sept.29,2004).Only this time I was at home, and they said that I had a wonderful chance of getting a trip to Orlando Flordia for four people for only $399. I stayed on the line and a woman answered and I told her I already bought one somewhere else, and told her to not call again.She said she would put my number down to be removed from their calling list. Quess what? They called me again. This time as a “Out -of Area” oops!They seem to be coming back, again, and again.You are not alone! Time to hire a lawyer!!! and lynch their as–es.

Paul Bielak says:

Re: Re: Re:3 National Reservations

I work for a travel agency in Toronto. Got a call today offering the famous $99 deal. I pressed 9, then let them do their thing…. Then, I asked them if they were aware that they were speaking to a travel agency. The operator became very discouraged upon this discovery, and when I acted positive about their great deal, pretending to want to sell it to my clients, they hung up on me.
It is because of con-artists like these that I have to deal with clients each day who expect specials at ridiculous prices, telling me that they found something on the net, or that they heard some advertisement, thinking that I’m ripping them off.

Kevin B says:

Re: Re: Re:

I just tried calling the 800 number since I have ben recieving about a call a week from these asshats. I get message 68-4 saying that the number is invalid or blocked from my area code. Anyone know of another number so I can call them every 15 minutes? Hell, I have free night and weekend minutes and free long distance, why not.

revenge says:

Re: Do Not Call

for those of you wanting to attack back, its a good idea because 800 pay for ever incoming call. BUT do not use your personal phone because once you call them from your number it gives them permission to now call you back. Suggestion use a PAY PHONE, that costs them even more, they pay double from a pay phone. While we are on the topic, these non-800 numbers, call them collect from a pay phone.

Complaint Filer says:

Re: Do Not Call

We here in San Francisco have also received these calls. The operators are rude & unrelentless. On information and belief, the business dba “National Reservations” offering tours of timeshares in Las Vegas, Park City, Cancun, etc. is located at 110 Cumberland, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R3V5 and its telephone number is (800)590-7018.
I suggest filing a complaint with Ontario’s Ministry of Consumer and Business Services. This can be done online at
The corporation named National Reservations Inc., licensed & doing business in Texas, is unassociated with the group making the phone calls. I spoke with the gentlemen that owns that company and he’s hired counsel to assist him in going after these people who are using his name.
Take action, file a complaint online & with your local authorities (e.g. Better Business Bureau, state agency for consumer protection etc.).

Super Irritated! says:

Re: Re: Do Not Call

This company has called me 3 times a day and each time I’ve asked for them to remove me from their lists (leaving aside entirely that I’m on the do not call registry. Today saw me hit maximum overload. I asked the rep, one Wayne by name, to give me the full name and address of the company, his full name, and his supervisor’s name so that I might report them to my Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer. Wayne, young charmer that he was, said, and I quote, “Why don’t you just go ahead and do that then, bitch…” and hung up on me. SOoooooooooo… that leaves me calling Eliot Spitzer tomorrow during business hours. Anyone else up for calling their AG?

bastard sam says:

No Subject Given

And many of them are just flat out breaking the rules. I’m on the no call list, and I’m getting calls from robots all day. The proof is on my answering machine. But none of this gets to the heart of the real problem… creditors. We need a no call list for debt collectors. They’re a lot more menacing than telemarketers. And more frequently hung up too. I at least _try_ to be nice to telemarketers or survey girls when they call.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: One Solution

When the phone spammers got really bad in the past, I just changed my number. I had had to do it twice in the last five years and it has been two years since I did it, and so far they haven’t found me again. Ofcourse since the last time, I give out one of my old numbers whenever ANYBODY asks for my number. Yeah, it’s pain to change numbers, but how many people do you know who really call you all the time (15 year old girls exempted from this quesiton).

making a honest living says:

Re: Re: wrng ....very wrong

under fdcpa section 805 states that collectors can call if you say dnc…now if you send a cease and desist letter they can not call but if you pay your bills on time you wouldnt have to worry about that….im a collector i know some can be assholes but not all … i try my best to help as much as i can and all i get is bullshit ass excuses and attitudes because you cannot pay money that you borrowed…my mother was killed by my father in oct of this year and left me with 3 teenagers a mortage and funeral bills and im 22 but i work 2 jobs to make sure my bills are paid… so i don’t care to hear your excuses …basically you borrowed money and you expect them to turn their heads….let me borrow 700 dollars …..lets see if you care im on a dnc list….just pay the bill

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: pay your bills we wont call

no i am a collector and a debtor. point blank wwhen you owe a bil there isnt a dnc list …and if you don’t like the calls pay your bills…think if you paid your bill or didnt spend money out of your means…or signed a contract stating you would pay a certain amount on thiscertain day i wouldnt have a job …so the only one to blame for those calls are yourself….not me or the next person….we are just trying to pay our own bills

Ellen says:

Do Not Call

This is happening to my elderly parents. I thought it would stop, but it has gone on for months, and now I am pissed off. I’ve called the local phone company for them and am having a number block system put on their phone. I’m getting them caller ID. I did a little google research and found the Canadian site to block calls, and have listed them there. Here is that web address http://www/ An interesting fact I learned from this site is that that you should tell them to take you off their call list and also their fax list. Because they are 2 different systems, they can consider them 2 different lists. I will keep my eye on this page for any further helpful information. If anyone wants to organize a trip to Toronto, to visit these heartless, money hungry, bastards, count me in!

ThunderFuck (user link) says:

Re: Do Not Call

You will be happy to learn that a task force of mercs (mercenary, ex-Special Forces) was dispatched to Ontario today. By now they will have infiltrated and shut down the offending organization. This will be done forcefully, but their instructions are to avoid injury or loss of life–if possible– to the others. (Not themselves; they are rather too tough for telemarketers to take on!) This effort was sponsered by a consortium of companies whose resources were being adversely affected by the unethical calls.

Amber Cross says:

I had the same call (905-248-3149)

I had a similar call, but I didn’t get the guy’s name. He offered all of these vacation packages if I listened to some 90 minutes sales thing while I was in Florida on this “vacation” they were giving me. The catch was that I would have to pay $238 dollars for a vacation in Virginia, and I had to pay over the phone with a credit card. Of course, I didn’t buy it, and but I also asked him if he could mail me information to review. He said he “didn’t have time to do that”, very suspicious to say the least, and we parted ways. Another strange thing was that after being given a recorded message, I was asked to push 9 to speak with someone (I hope that didnt make me agree to something), this man came on the line saying “hello?”, and then he said “did you get the recorded message?” like he wasn’t quite sure who he would be talking to and for what. I just wanted to share this with you and everyone else out there!! I didn’t hear him mention the “do not call list”, but I certainly would not put it past these people!!
Thanks for reading!
Amber Cross

Ben S says:

Missisauga, ON-based company not honoring dnc list

This was short and sweet – hope it helps.

Dug up info on the number via canadian reverse directory search:
We did not find a listing for the phone number you entered.
The phone number “(905) 248-3149” is a Unionville, ON based phone number and the registered carrier is GT Group Telecom Services Corp. Additional information for this number is not available. Please read our Search Tips below for more information.

Found the customer service numbers for Group Telecom:
Group Telecom
20 Bay Street
7th Floor
Toronto, ONT
M2J 2N8

Phone: (416) 943-9555
Fax: (416) 943-1265
Toll Free: 1- 877- 484- 5101
Web URL:

Called GT and spoke with Neila in customer service. She was able to confirm that they do offer the phone service for that company, whatever their current name is. She took all my numbers, and said to contact her if I received any more calls from that number.

We’ll see!

shaybdaisy says:

Re: Missisauga, ON-based company not honoring dnc

Hey guys. I also found this website through Google. I’m fortunate enough to have only received one phone call from these Ontario freaks but I figured out a way to make the telemarketers stop. I just moved and have had the new number for about 3 months. I was getting telemarketing calls the day I moved in. …don’t know if BellSouth sold my number or what but anyway… I started answering the phone by saying “Take me off your call list” I’m not really sure that worked, so I starting letting my fax machine answer instead of the voicemail. After about 8 days of this, I haven’t gotten a telemarketer since. Maybe you guys can try it.

s sanders says:

Re: Re: Missisauga, ON-based company not honoring dnc

there is a class action suit in michigan against these people and the Attorney Generals of Kentucky, Penssylvania and some other places I don’t remember are or at least were suing them. The suits list jjj marketing of florida as the owner and operator of national reservations, and a number of other similar “enterprises” Faxlink, livewire systems (not the audio company!) list the same address. The individuals the Attorney Generals said were responsible are James P. Griffin and Jacqueline (Jackie) Griffin of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jacqueline Apostalakos may be the same person as Jacqueline Griffin. Naturally, although there is a functioning contact form on the jjj marketing site, the contact information is invalid. If anyone can find these people it would be a public service to publish their addresses so they could explain their actions to the many folks they have annoyed.

bugged says:

Re: Re: Re: Missisauga, ON-based company not honoring dnc

The contact information given on the website is the address and phone for Florida Housing and Mortage Inc. as lisited on the Florida corporation license. The agent is listed as Jacqueline Davis (a name that also appears in some of the civil suits) Other officers would appear to be son and daughter-in-law residing in Bayonne NJ.

The address also is given as the contact information for the domain registration which
was renewed 09/15/04.

The current Florida corporate registration address for JJJ Marketing, Inc. is 5709 N Dixie Hwy Oakland Park FL 33334 with Rob Williams (president) as agent. This is also the address and name given on for a telecommunications service provider (cell, pager, landline, etc) license.

The new address is almost litterally 2 miles up
the road from the old. I suspect both are
being used.

There is no active (several inactive) corporation with the name National Reservations Inc in Florida.

The many calls I received, orginated from Miami FL
and according to the reply I got from the city of
Miami, there is no business by that name licensed
in Miami. A license is required to operate a bussines in the travel industry from Florida,
Miami Dade county and the City of Miami.

I have not been able to connect National Reservations to JJJ Marketing yet, but I will
pass the information onto my state and FCC in
my latest complaints.

Mike S. says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Missisauga, ON-based company not honoring dnc

We all must rememeber that America was built on the enterprizing great people whom started this country, they were great salesmen and women. If nothing is sold than no one will have a job. There is a right way of doing business and sometimes it requires a phone call to your home or cell phone.
Great companies are allyning themselves up to insure that they do not go out of business by buying up corporations with large customer bases so that they can call . Your company that you work for needs leads in order to make the sale in which pays your pay check. The sale of merchandise must go on and the sale over the phone was worth over 70 billion dollars in the American economy. The do not call list will not last long because it is effecting the large companies{ insurance,auto makers ect.} Many of the richest people in the world are being effected by it and it is costing them money. When it costs them money it will cost you the customer more they are going to pass the cost of advertising to you and are currently doing it now.
You will see in the next several months that you will be bombarded with commercials on TV and the radio. Your mail box will over flow. The law of physics for action there is a reaction. The do not call list is anti American. The great people of America built America on the phone call. JP Morgan bankers ,John Hancock insurance , GE, New York Life, and many others nothing will stop American progress. The people whom are ussaully againest the do not call list may not realize it is effecting there job. Marketing companies are moving overseas and will be calling you. Since they are not covered by American law. This law will take away hundreds of thousands of American jobs.Sometimes what sounds good at the time is not good. Most telemarketing companies are very good and follow sound business practices. Some don’t. The good always out ways the bad.

Kattherat says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Missisauga, ON-based company not honoring dnc

Jobs will move overseas with or without this law. However, we all have a right to ask that we not be harrassed in our homes. I don’t think any of the posters is speaking of telemarketing companies that have ethical business practices – they are talking about companies like National Reservations. Those people call me every single day. Whining about job loss has absolutely nothing to do with people wanting to not be harrassed in their own homes. National Reservations is no JP Morgan or New York Life. Back when those companies started, fleecing was more often done door-to-door or via mail order. Now, with more sophisticated telephone networks (and computerized calling) and the internet, it is much easier to perpetrate scams on vast numbers of people. If a person’s job is trying to scam people into buying a “free” vacation or a useless time share, then maybe they need to find a new line of work.

Reverend Flash (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: Missisauga, ON-based company not honoring dnc

After a gap of almost 5 months, this board has sprung to life again – all of us having recently gotten that strange unreturnable Canadian number on our caller ID’s. I followed the advice above and contacted the carrier (Group Telecom), reporting the problem and asking them to see I be removed from that number’s calling list. We’ll see.

GoDling says:

debt collectors are worse than telemarketers

I have had the most wonderful experience with a debt collector. Had one call my house a week back asking for james.. that would be me .. but when I got on the phone he was looking for james m ……., Not me. I told him not to call back and hung up the phone. Today i got another call from the same guy, I informed him again not to call and it was not me.. He persisted on being a loser ( as all of these bottom feeders are ) and insist that he would be calling back. When I looked at the caller Id and it was different from the number I had pried out of him. I called the number on my ID and got their front office .. when they answered I yelled “F%$# Off” at the top of my lungs and listened as the person on the other side grunted with the blast of sound.. You know they get to wear these wonderful little headpieces. So then I said in a calm voice “sucks to be harassed for no apparent reason” and hung up. Rinse and repeat 15 times. After about the 10th call they were hanging up or putting me on auto hold. I found great satisfaction in this and recommend it to anyone who has this issue. I would love to get a .wav file of an airhorn that is very loud to save my throat the pain so if you happen to have one or know where one is please post.

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