Model Plane Makes It Across The Atlantic

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I guess everyone needs a hobby, and for some folks, it’s been an attempt to build a model airplane that would fly all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. They’re now claiming they’ve done so successfully. The flight took 38 hours, traveling 1,888 miles, mostly on autopilot. The folks that built it thought that it had enough fuel for 37 hours, but were surprise to find a few drops left when it landed past the 38th hour.

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Comments on “Model Plane Makes It Across The Atlantic”

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MissinLnk says:

Re: Then

Sure. Of course, you gotta remember that this was the 5th plane to try in this attempt (the other four all went less than 1/3 of the entire route)….and that this wasn’t the first attempt. So as long as you’re willing to having 9 premature “bombings” in your homeland and in countries near-by… ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking Up says:

Re: Then

Hey, kids, let’s not get paranoid now. This was a MODEL AIRPLANE, not a UAV. The technology already exists for UAVs to deliver payloads to target locations (wanna work for Boeing?), but even so, it’s much too technical for terrorists. There are MUCH easier ways to deliver greater terrorist threats than to load something on a tiny airplane and send it off. Besides, it’s more fun for them to fly planes into building, themselves, so they can die and be with 70 virgins in the land of Allah.

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