Thieves Putting False Fronts On ATMs

from the getting-sneaky dept

It appears that ATM scams are getting even sneakier. First there were the completely fake ATM machines that scammers would simply set up in busy places to record your ATM card info. Then, they started attaching extra card scanners to ATM machines asking you to scan the card twice for “security”. Now, they’re going so far as to build entirely false fronts to ATM machines and placing them over real ATM machines. So, even if you think you’ve successfully used an ATM machine before, you may not realize that you’re giving all your info to crooks.

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Comments on “Thieves Putting False Fronts On ATMs”

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Richard says:


We were in Sutton Ontario and all three of us used on of these compromised machines but we were X treemly lucky. A bank employee filling up the machine with money found the fake face plate and called police and disable my card my brothers and my sister’s card. What I did notice is that my card only stuck out of the machine about a 1/4 inch and I was just able to grab it. So this would be the thickness of the false face plate to record my card info.

wanna know says:

The big question is how does one build a fake front for an atm and how much time and money is it to do so? I would think you need technical skills to do it and maybe thousands of dollars. Atms in the US are different at different places. I’d like to know the “inside scoop” of how all this works. The day in the life of a skimmer would be nice. We here the storys but have no details. Anybody knows how in the heck they do this and is it elaborate or simple? Hmmm, enquiring minds wanna know.

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