Do Cable Companies Need To Be Kept Neutral?

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Back in April we mentioned the coalition of high tech companies that were trying to push the FCC to require cable companies to remain “neutral” when it came to internet access. That is, they wanted it put into law that cable companies couldn’t block you from going to some website in favor of some other website. In June, the FCC responded pointing out that there’s not the tiniest bit of evidence that any cable company is doing so or planning to do so. Now, Salon has a fairly well-balanced piece looking at both sides on the debate as to whether or not cable companies need to be forced to keep the net neutral. Those that are arguing for it say that it’s just a safeguard that’s important while there’s still so little competition in the high speed internet access world. Those against it echo the FCC’s comments, pointing out there’s no reason a cable company would do this – knowing full well that it would piss many people off and have them searching for alternatives. In response, supporters argue that if there’s no worry about cable companies doing this, why are they against the regulation? There’s a very simple answer: regulation – especially very broadly worded regulation like this one – opens up unexpected consequences. A cable company will do something completely legitimate, and will get sued under this regulation, costing millions over something that shouldn’t even matter.

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