Should Kids Get Mobile Phones?

from the radiating-their-brains dept

A new study is worrying folks about whether or not children in the five-to-nine age range should have mobile phones. Mobile phone companies say they don’t target kids, but more and more kids are carrying the phones. Parents often buy the phones for safety reasons (checking up on the kids), and then there’s the peer pressure element where kids start pestering their parents because all their friends are carrying phones. However, some researchers are afraid that, while mobile phone radiation may not be harmful to adults, they’re less sure of the impact on kids.

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Comments on “Should Kids Get Mobile Phones?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Just like fluoridated water....

If you use any kind of toothpaste to brush your teeth, the fluoride will remain in your saliva and you will have ingested 10,000 times more fluoride than a glass of tap water. Yet, some people think fluoridated water is evil.

It could be that we are exposed to millions of times more electromagnetic radiation from radio stations, the sun, or electrical appliances. But yeah, the notion of yuppie scum paying for their sin of cell phone usage does have a nice emotional ring to it.

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