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Video Games As A Sport – Part II

from the popular-discussion dept

Earlier in the week we had a story about whether or not video games should be considered a sport. Now, here’s another article on that same topic, but that takes a much more in-depth look at the similarities between video games and sports, as well as some of the “pro” video gamers out there. One of the gamers (they’re all college students, it seems) says he’s going to continue gaming after he graduates, just to prove to his parents that all the time he spent playing video games as a kid was “worth it”.

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Comments on “Video Games As A Sport – Part II”

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Anonymous Coward says:

This isn't news, kids...

You make it sound as if this is a big story…Dennis “Thresh” Fong brought professional gaming as a sport into the spotlight back in ’97 when he won John Carmack’s Ferrari in a widely publicized Quake tournament. Professional gaming leagues have existed for years, as have national tournament competitions with huge cash prizes like QuakeCon. Computer gaming is a sport, and will continue to become so. The fact that it involves so little physical activity is the hurdle most people have to overcome. 🙂

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