Are Kids Really Computer Experts?

from the born-computer-experts dept

While there have been plenty of stories and articles about how kids today are natural computer experts, Simson Garfinkel has his doubts. He thinks that while kids may be more comfortable with computers, and don’t get as frustrated by computer problems, it’s still a result of training and experience – which is nothing that older generations can’t do as well. At the same time, this worries him about the younger generation that isn’t getting the same level of computer training and skills (the so-called “digital divide”). Of course, I don’t think anyone ever implied that children are born as computer experts. The whole point is exactly what he was saying – that they’re just surrounded by them all the time, and more and more of them are getting the necessary training.

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Comments on “Are Kids Really Computer Experts?”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

There's a difference between training and educatio

Lots of exposure to “stuff” computer related is roughtly equivalent to training.

Exposure to the fundamentals behind the technolog helps you to be vendor/OS/hardware neutral and solve problems without having to search google. Plus it help if you read the release notes rather than waiting for Joey down the street to share his solution to your problem with you.

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