Out Of Tech And Not Looking Back

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The Washington Post is running yet another story about former techies who have moved on to other industries now that tech doesn’t provide the same excitement (or payout) that it once did. Basically, it sounds like most of these people couldn’t find new jobs in tech, and so many started to open their own small businesses – which they seem to enjoy. Some say they’ll never go back to tech, while others admit that they wouldn’t mind getting involved again for the “right opportunity”. People like to make generalizations based on these types of articles, which is unfortunate. Tech jobs clearly weren’t right for some people, and for others it’s all they ever want to do. If people discover other jobs that make them happier, good for them.

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Comments on “Out Of Tech And Not Looking Back”

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thecaptain says:

I know some of those people

And while they are generally happier, the majority of the ones I know are the ones who followed the .com boom and got into tech “for the money”. Who thought software development was a job you learn rather than something you enjoy doing.

You can learn, but like all things (and I think more so in IT), if you don’t love it and are in it for the money: 1) The struggle to keep up will drain you fast, 2) You’ll never be any good anyway and 3) because of 2 you won’t make the big money you thought you’d make

aReader says:


Saw a recent documentary on PBS regarding the .com bubble and someone said “I would like to be part of this bubble again if it happens”. I think, the opportunity that people are talking about is nothing but a bubble and sometimes there is nothing wrong in being a part of such a bubble as long as 1) You know it’s a bubble 2) You can get out before it bursts.

Con Tendem (user link) says:

but where is

When pink slips replaced stock options in the tech industry, some frustrated code warriors turned their backs on hypercaffeinated tech jobs and set out to find more fulfilling careers.

The articles lists someone in marketing, communications, media production, and management with a prior career as a journalist. That is just a strange subset of people to label as “code warriors”. Whether this generality applies to actual developers, architects, etc. is a separate topic.

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