Holographic Storage Coming

from the save-me-from-my-hard-drive-misery dept

e z writes “The Economist has an article saying that holographic storage is moving forward, with actual products coming out next year. This is the future of storage and will put hard drives out onto the scrap bin where they belong.” Considering my recent hard drive experience, I’d say they can’t go away fast enough. However, since this technology is still quite new, I’d guess that there will still be some hurdles before we end up replacing regular hard drives.

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Comments on “Holographic Storage Coming”

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Roland Piquepaille (user link) says:

Holographic Storage Coming, But When?

Besides an innovative unit about storage densities — bits per square micron instead of bits per square inch — the Economist doesn’t give lots of new facts here. In these two past posts on my blog, “Terabyte Holographic Storage in 2004?” and “Holographic Storage on the Horizon,” you already could find references to Polight Technologies, InPhase Technologies and other companies in this field. And the question remains: will we see real products anytime soon? I would like too, but I’m not convinced yet.

Michael E. Thomas (user link) says:

Re: Holographic Storage Coming, But When?

I would estimate 2010 to 2015
Why Rewritable Atomic Holographic Storage ?
6,840 raw uncompressed TV hours on 10 terabyte 3.5 in. removable disc. DVR
– highest analog / digital capacity available
– lowest cost per gigabyte
– longest archive shelf life of any data storage media
– widest environmental conditions and tolerances
– only technology that scales from nano to macro solutions
– most reliable media available
– highest bandwidth data transfer potential
– direct replacement for hard disk drives

The expected cost of the Atomic Holographic DVR disc drive will be from $ 570 to $ 750 with the replacement discs for $ 45.

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