A Business Out Of Thin Air

from the touch-nothing dept

Seems like every week or so there’s a story somewhere about some sort of new input technology. Usually, they’re not too interesting, but this latest one, found in the NY Times, actually sounds like it has some potential. It’s a small (tiny, really) company called HoloTouch that has created a system that lets you input info via a hologram. In other words, the system can project a hologram, and you can interact with it just by sticking your fingers where the hologram appears to be. Input in thin air, basically. Holograms are already used in things like heads-up displays on airplanes and luxury cars – but imagine if you could then point to things on those displays (without taking your eyes off the windshield) and interact with them. It sounds like the technology is still a bit early in its development phase, but still sounds interesting.

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