Midnight Wi-Fi Madness

Found via Glenn Fleishman, and reposted at Nigel Ballard’s own site, is the WSJ story of how he found a wardriver sitting in a car in front of his driveway surfing his WiFi one night around 11pm. Ballard admits that it was a bit surprising, but he had no problem with it, so long as the guy stayed off his property. The rest of the article also talks about others who go out of their way to find and use free hotspots – something many of us have done at one point or another. They quote a hotel manager who kids the “loiterers” who sit in his lobby and surf. Someone in the article likens it to a “wireless safari”. They even quote Sky Dayton, Boingo’s CEO, telling a story about sitting on a freezing cold park bench outside a closed Starbucks after midnight in Washington DC, using the Starbucks WiFi, while homeless people wandered around, and people in a bar across the street got into a fight. That’s funny… I thought T-Mobile’s hotspots (including all the Starbucks hotspots) weren’t a part of Boingo’s system…

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