Drug, Alcohol Addiction Linked To Computer Fraud

from the don't-drink-and-hack dept

Well, this came out of nowhere. A new report is suggesting that the vast majority of computer fraud is somehow linked with drug or alcohol addiction. At least, that’s according to police in South Africa. The article is a little vague. It’s unclear if they’re saying the person committing the fraud is addicted to drugs, or if they’re just using computers to do drug deals. Either way, police say that it’s tough to recover money from these sorts of frauds, and many companies that are the victims end up losing their computers, too, since they’re taken as evidence. I’d still like to see a little more evidence and/or explanation as to the connection between drug and alcohol addiction and computer fraud. My impression was that it was more of an addiction to money that drove people to commit fraud.

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Comments on “Drug, Alcohol Addiction Linked To Computer Fraud”

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aReader says:

No Subject Given

RIAA can now argue that people who share files use computers and hence they are vulnerable to alchohol and drugs. So, they should stop sharing files and start buying expensive CDs and *not* listen to it on computer. By doing this, they can claim that they are social workers as well, who rescue people from drugs and alchohol. And take this, they can raise (charity) money for this purpose to get subpoenas for those people who share files and may or may not be drug addicts!

terrina says:

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Alcoholism Information

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