Senator Launches Inquiry Into RIAA's Piracy Crackdown

from the pissing-off-the-wrong-people dept

It appears that a few politicians are finally beginning to realize that the RIAA’s tactics go a bit too far. Senator Norm Coleman is now launching an “inquiry” into the RIAA’s practices for trying to track down those involved in file sharing. He wants more info on how they’re filing subpoenas and how they’re guaranteeing that innocent people aren’t be targeted. Everyone warned that the industry was facing a backlash. Hopefully this is the beginning of the real backlash that will lead the music industry down the road towards getting a clue.

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Comments on “Senator Launches Inquiry Into RIAA's Piracy Crackdown”

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Jack Ass says:

No Subject Given

It would be nice, now wouldn’t it?
I think the only way they are going to get a clue is by going bankrupt under the current management, liquidating, and getting bought out by one or many tech companies that understand the technologies they’re dealing with. At this present point in time, it’s the only way.

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