The Cyborg Liberation Front

from the real-or-crackpot? dept

Roland Piquepaille writes “The World Transhumanist Association conference was held in June 2003 at Yale University. Its goal was to define the future rights of the cyborgs, intelligent robots made from human and machine parts. It also raised the question of whether or not humans should admit these coming cyborgs as citizens. Erik Baard reports about the conference in the latest issue of the Village Voice. His story is aptly subtitled “Inside the Movement for Posthuman Rights.” My summary contains some highlights of the three-day event which gathered 160 academics and other thinkers aspiring to immortality by adding human consciousness into machines.” My initial reaction was to wonder why we need to discuss this issue now, but the Voice article tackles that and a few other questions. No matter what your opinion is on the whole “transhumanist” stuff, it’s still an interesting read.

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