Web Savvy Can Improve College Chances

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Want to improve your chances of getting into college? Build a website. College admissions officials have admitted that a well-crafted student website can help someone get into college. Basically, it sounds like admissions offices aren’t sticking to the script of just what’s on the application any more, so any additional info you can tell them is likely to help you. And, creating a website with more info is still unique enough that it can help tell your story. Of course, once everyone has their college website up, it’s less likely to be a useful tool.

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Comments on “Web Savvy Can Improve College Chances”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Remember Videos?

Seems to me college admissions follow trends – a decade ago, the big thing were students who sent in videos. Then that got passe (although if I saw the video Reese Witherspoon did in “Legally Blond”, I would also admit her, no matter how passe the video thing is these days).

As you imply, once this is picked up and everyone does it, it will no longer be a differentiating feature.

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