Hacker Claims He Was Working For The FBI

from the legal-hacking dept

An odd case in Ohio about a computer hacker who was arrested for breaking into the local county’s computer system. The twist in this story is that the guy claims he was working for the FBI, and thus, should be innocent. The FBI isn’t saying a word one way or the other, but the article suggests there is some connection. From what the article says, it sounds like the guy agreed to give “information” to the FBI in return for not being prosecuted in an earlier hacking arrest. With that agreement in his pocket, the guy seemed to think that any hacking he did was legitimate, so long as he told the FBI about it. That seems like a bit of a stretch. While it does sound like he wasn’t doing any damage to systems, breaking into places at random and then telling the FBI isn’t the same thing as “working for the FBI”.

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