Verizon Wireless Bug Allows Text Message Tapping

You have to wonder when the issue of text messaging security is going to get more attention. There are already stories about how employees of carriers can easily read any text messages sent to or from their customers. Now, a report has come out that Verizon Wireless’ system has a bug that can let anyone read any text message sent to a Verizon Wireless subscriber – including the telephone number and the full text of the message. They say the bug can be manipulated to fully intercept those messages, so they never even reach the recipient – and can also be used to make charges to the subscriber’s phone bill. Clearly, this is quite a big bug. I’m sure we’re going to see more similar stories about all the carriers SMS implementations, and they’ll finally be forced to pay a little more attention to the security issue.

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Comments on “Verizon Wireless Bug Allows Text Message Tapping”

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1 Comment
Patricia Ham says:

Verizon Wireless phone tapping

I like to comment that I am a victim of an employee from Verizon Wireless Tech Support agent tapped my phone and my friends phone, to read ourt texts, and all our little conversations we had among friends. From our appointments. but further more, he even knew how to retrieve our pictures, to later put it on his myspace, to hurt us all. We are now looking to Sue this company for allowing employees to do this.

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