Read An Ad, Get Free Airborn Wi-Fi?

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A few weeks ago we reported on a little blurb about how some unknown airline, Southeast Airlines, was claiming to offer wireless access onboard, which would make them the first US carrier (even if they only had 8 planes) to do so. I was skeptical, because the report had almost no details, and even confused Southeast Airlines with SouthWest Airlines. Now, however, Wired News is running an article looking at the plans, which (they claim) are to offer free WiFi during flights if you agree to look at ads. This is being provided, though, by the same company that claimed to be setting up videocameras to watch your every move throughout the flight, SkyWay Communications. I’m skeptical in both cases. This still sounds like an overhyped promotional stunt to get some attention (which is working, I guess). They still need approval from the FAA to offer WiFi and they don’t explain anywhere how the technology works. As we mentioned in the original article about this deal, SkyWay recently bought AT&T’s old seatback phone business – but it’s unclear if they’re just going to be running the internet connection over the seatback phone system – which would probably lead to painfully slow data rates. Chances are, SkyWay has made a deal with this tiny airline to make all these various press announcements, just to get some attention, and hope that some larger airlines come calling. The only thing that’s encouraging is the fact that they realize you shouldn’t be charging ridiculously high prices for such things. However, some people, when questioned by the reporter, claimed they’d rather have the option to pay some fee to get rid of the ads.

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