IBM Taking On Pixar

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While there are a few other places working on computer-generated movies, Pixar is still the undisputed leader in the space. Now, IBM is gearing up to take on Pixar by partnering with Threshold Digital Research Labs. They say that, between the two companies, they’ve developed new methods of CG moviemaking that will let them come out with a CG movie in about half the amount of time it takes a place like Pixar (which would bring the timeline more into sync with the timeframe for a live-action movie). The work is really being done by Threshold, who took a large investment from IBM. As for IBM, they’re going to use Threshold as one of their poster-companies for their new utility computing business – showing how their “on-demand” system was used to create big name movies in half the time it took Pixar, while costing less

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Comments on “IBM Taking On Pixar”

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Satsuki says:

Do they understand why Pixar is great?

I’m in agreement with Anonymous Coward….
Like anything else…of course something can be made in less time and money, but the quality will be less too.
2D animation studios have been closing because everyone thinks its the 3d animation thats selling, and not noticing that its the story and characters that make a film of any medium great.

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