Bad Summer Movies Wither On The Web Grapevine

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Yet another article showing that the movie industry is slowly (very slowly) realizing that the internet community has a big impact on how well a movie does. While the movie studios are still spending millions on huge promotional campaigns and brand name stars – bad word-of-mouth online is killing business for a number of movies this summer. There have been other similar stories, but it’s clear that for all the talk from the movie industry about how they know the importance of the online opinion – they still aren’t sure what to do about it.

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Comments on “Bad Summer Movies Wither On The Web Grapevine”

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achacha says:

movie reviews (ands similar sites) is what I check before I go see a movie, I can’t count how movies I did not see because they got a bad rating, or how many unlikely-to-see or indie films I saw as a result of a good rating (even drove to find theaters that played them). There are a lot of bad movies that rely of advertising to lure people in, with the information age comming full force, advertising is going to the crapper (where it belongs) and content is being judged rather than hyped.

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